It’s finally here

I’ve been trying to get into IFATC, but I had to wait a week because of game violations and etc. I think tomorrow’s the day I finally get to come into IFATC!

Wish me luck for the test!


Good luck! Are you doing the practical or the written test?

I highly recommend reading the manual a lot of times and get things in the top of your mind!

Wish you the very best!!

I honestly tried to enter it but I couldent becaosue I had a violation in less than a week but I have no idea about what to do or what it’s gonna be like

That’s gonna be a problem lmao

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Thanks a lot 🙂

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All the best! Take your time, no rush. Imagine the situations.

Yes, although I have to pack for a trip tho 😞

Ok, so you apply for the IFATC, a recruiter will contact you, upon meeting the initial requirements you will be set to do the written test, after passing it , you can get training for the practical, then do the actual practical test after passing that you are officially with the IFATC

Read the IFATC manual! It can be found on the User guide page in

I highly recommend on reading it before taking any step on the test or training, it’ll help you to understand how everything works, commands to learn and so many other things! :)

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Yeah because I thought were supposed to do both

Best of luck, congratulations!

So I have to do both?

yes indeed ;)

Also I would like to request you to remove the IFATC tag from your VA/VO space, only licensed IFATCs have the permission to use it ;)

Ok thanks, I just wanted to make sure

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Ok thanks, I forgot about that

Wish you good luck, hope to see you with us soon

All the best!

An no more of these, whatever they are:


?? I don’t get it