It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Kona : A 757 Vibes Flight

Denver to Kona

Surprise! There was an update and I’m posting Kona. So as if you haven’t already seen enough 757 posts, I have another one here. For literally months I’ve wanted to fly Denver to Kona but I have been waiting for the 757 to be released because before it was just so awful to fly. Back in May and June I did a weekly 757 post but that eventually stopped as the 757 became more and more infuriating to fly. The 757 is my favorite aircraft by far so I was so excited when I used Open beta last week. While I am a little disappointed that US Airways was removed, we got some new cool liveries I can’t wait to try. Denver to Kona is 100% in my list of favorite routes, and the expectations I had of it were blown through the roof. I decided to fly out of Denver, instead of Newark to Kona just because I wanted to make @Pingu mad. totally not because United doesnt fly Newark to Kona My family and I almost flew on this route last year going to Kona when United “shockingly” cancelled our flight from he… I mean Newark. I left Denver just after 1 PM local time and absolutely rocketed into the sky at 6,000 FPM, then I flew west over the Rocky mountains, crossed the West Coast over San Francisco and then flew over the Pacific where I had a golden hour approach into Kona, landing a little after 5 PM in Kona, after 7 hours and 4 minutes of flight time Temperature leaving Denver was 27 degrees and it was 79 degrees when we arrived in Kona. I always love doing flights to warm places in the winter because I sit in school typing this, waiting for the 12 inches of snow we’re getting tomorrow, I think about how much I’d rather be sitting on the beach in Kua Bay, sipping a Dr. Pepper, and watching flights to Kona fly past at 3,000 feet on approach.

Trust me, this flight is amazing, you should fly it.

Flight Summary

Denver to Kona
United 1758
Boeing 757-200
@JulianB @Ur_Friendly_Approach @Philippe_Gilbert

Rolling down the runway in Denver as an IceAir pencil waits. He later landed just 4 minutes after I did in Reykjavik

Steep departures are amazing. Rocketing out of Denver at 6,000 FPM

Above the desert sands of Utah

Flying straight into a headwind as we cruise high above the Bay Area, one of my favorite views in the country

Over the Pacific with the moon looming above

Descending into Kona past the Pololū Valley in the Kohala Mountains. One of the greatest places for sunrises I’ve ever seen

Pololū Valley Sunrise

Kona Tower, United 1758, Visual 17

Touchdown in Kona!

At the gate next to an American 757 after its 6 hours and 45 minute flight from Phoenix

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

What does Pololū mean in the Hawaiian language?

  • Rising Sun
  • Long Spear
  • Ocean Tree

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When it said “Kona” in the title I knew that NoahM posted it 🤪. Nice work!


757 Vibes confirmed


Ayo these photos are so nice bro i cant wait to get my first flight in great job keep up the good work


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Kona,


Awesome shots!! My first full flight in the new 757 was UA 1792 DEN to EWR!


Good, we don’t want you here. Just kidding. Kind of. But anyways, glad to see you finally flying United by will.

Can’t wait for this as well.


Damn i gotta get on wifi… 😍

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@ThomasThePro it feels good that my name is automatically associated with Kona 😌😂

@Mukundan_Srivatsa super vibes

@Lilmike thanks! Your first flight will be amazing!

@Kamryn everywhere you go, there’s a palm in the grand hotel, one in the park as well, the sturdy kind that doesn’t mind the breeze

@UACrew_IF I thought about that one too!

@ILOVE7879-2.0 yes you do! 😂

@Pingu gonna be honest I like flying United in IF, it’s just Newark :D and yay… snow


Unexpected to say the least ;)

But it’s fantastic to see the reworked B757 showcased that well flying on a very scenic route as your picture show. As always thanks for sharing and I am very glad to see a much better looking B757 now in your topics!

Special credits for the very cool wingview and moonshot as well :)
Seeing such a nice Holiday destination gets one quite into the right mood as you wrote!

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Just posted my flight if you’d like to check it out!

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Nice photos Noah!

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Everywhere you go

Nice shots!

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Some great shots there. Take a look at the 6th photo (the shot of the left wing), and zoom in on the outermost flap track fairing. There appears to be a missing bit of skin close to the wing. Will this be fixed soon?

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@JulianB thank you!

These flight always get me in the mood! I’m flying back from the Caribbean right now 😂

@UACrew_IF I’ll go look for it!

@MJP_27 thanks Mason!

@Rolls Thank you!

@iaexo I see that, I’ll look into a little bit


The title is United Flight 1729! 😊

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what aircraft? if you dont mind me asking

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It was a 757-200!

Nothing but the best shots from Noah as always 🔥


ayyyyyy thanks a lot Misha! 😃