It’s been a while

It’s been a while what’s changed


What do you mean by this?


I haven’t been on the IFC since august, have they changed any rules or things like that

If I’m not mistaken nothing has changed! More than the Infinite flight, and a few things about new IFATC commands, I think just that.

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IF has changed more than IFC

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Since people aren’t giving a detailed run down I’ll try to do so. This took way too long. In all seriousness though, you can visit more in depth information in update posts on Infinite Flight Blog

This is what has been added in the past year:

v20.1 (June 2020)

-Introduction of global procedures (SIDs & STARs)
-Added real time oceanic tracks
-B777-200ER rework with many new liveries and a fully redesigned cockpit, aircraft model, animations, new instruments, and realistic APU sounds
-Added APU support for select aircraft
-Introduction to center ATC with procedure support
-B737 family reworked high definition cockpit
-2 new B738 liveries (Kenya Airlines & United updated livery)
-Added VNAV for arrival procedures (for now)
-Added D-ATIS
-Added Aircraft active/away state on the map
-New and overhauled violation system
-Realistic airspace reflections in comparison to real life data
-New overhauled user guide found on

v20.2 (October 2020)

-Added B777-300ER, B777F, B777-200LR rework with new animations and liveries
-Added new locked free camera views
-Removed display name
-Added in replacement of display name a new IFC linking system to your Infinite Flight account during flight
-Added flight plan sharing to send to other devices
-New login system
-Added warning audio when violation may be occurring
-Improved A320 engine dimensions


-Added overhauled B757 rework with many new diverse liveries, a redesigned live glass cockpit, a modeled cockpit, new autopilot lighting indications depending on what is selected during your flight
-Improved weather system with performance improvements


Good to know, I remember right before I left they changed a bunch of rules and that made a lot of other people leave as well, that’s why I asked

Well, there’s currently one of the biggest beta we never had , check some cool pics just below for the result :

More info :


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