It’s been a week since I’ve been reported and I still have my report

I don’t know if this is how it goes, but a week ago today at 15:38pm I got reported so I couldn’t play on Grade 3. I checked now, which is officially 1 week later and I still have the 7 day report so I still can’t play on Grade 3 servers…? Can someone possibly help by removing it or explaining to me please! Thanks’

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You still have a while before it wears off. Just wait a little while.

It’s 15:00Z right now, so it’ll wear of in little less than an hour :)

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Here is a screenshot.

It will wear off soon. Just wait.

Just give it 36 minutes.

Ah okay, I was just like- it’s been a week so a little confused, okay! Thanks! Y’all always are helpful. Can close this now :)