It’s an early morning at Seattle

You woke up at 4am to start your shift as ground staff at Seattle. You have a 30 minute break in your shift and decide to go near runway 16R to take some pictures of arriving planes to add to your camera roll. Then you hear faint engine noise in the distance. You take no notice of it thinking it’s a B737 and wait for a bit while you eat a bit of your sandwich. The noise gets louder and louder and then you realise it’s not a normal B737 operating a red eye, it’s something else. You scramble to get your phone to open FR24 and your jaw drops. It’s a Delta A339 operating a heavily delayed service from Honolulu as DL440 due to a delay because of a technical issue. The Rolls Royce Trent 7000 gets louder and louder as it emerges from the disappearing morning fog at 8:45am as you scramble in a hurry dropping your last piece of sandwich to grab your camera. It’s your first time seeing an A330-900NEO. Luckily your camera just about manages to focus to take a picture and you get this shot. It was worth it sacrificing your last bite of your delicious breakfast sandwich for this.

Callsign: Delta 440 Heavy
Route: PHNL - KSEA
Aircraft: A330-900NEO
Flight time : 4:48 hrs

This was my first time flying the A330-900NEO even though its been out for a long time and it was the most smoothest landing I’ve ever done in an A330 and possibly in my time of playing IF. I am so happy with the outcome of this.


Nice picture, nice story @AviatorVJ

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Lovely shots! SEA is my home airport and I always love to see when people fly into it!

As someone who has flown 10 hours in a Delta A330 in economy I can confirm they are not comfortable 😭.

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Really? I’ve heard good things about them being one of the best transatlantic airlines.