It’s always crashing!


I’m playing Infinite Flight since 2018 and after this update it’s crashing every time! When I’m spawning at gate after 3 minutes it’s crashing but online not on solo mode

What can I do?

Many Thanks

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Hey friend, I think you should reduce graphics settings to low and airplane count (airplanes shown live) on low too +clear cache maybe. If low settings aren’t looking good enough for you try to select medium and check if it’s working, if not switch back to low

And you need enough storage in your device as well

@AviationZyYT can you just confirm a couple of things please so we can give you the best advice?

  • What device are you using and what OS?

  • What version of the app are you using, and did you download it from anywhere other than the official stores?

  • How much storage do you have free on your device?

  • What settings are you running the simulator at?

  • Do you have a strong internet connection?


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