It’s a Bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s a plane named after a bird!

Hey! 👋🏻

How y’all doing? We went spotting again today, so I figured I would share some pictures with you!

In no perticular order…

  1. Delta Conection ERJ-170 KLGA-KPIT N875RW

  2. Delta Conection CRJ-900 N296PQ

  3. FedEx A300

  1. Trying to take a picture of WOW A320N TF-NEO

  2. UPS MD-11

  3. Condor 767-300ER EDDF-KPIT D-ABUA

You can see the sheer amount of smoke he made here, but his landing was not butter…

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#7 was definitely the coolest pic of them all. I recommend getting a better camera (if you can afford it) as the quality of your pictures would skyrocket! I personally don’t own one because I wouldn’t use it that much but I see you could make something incredible out of it. Overall great photos!

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Loved that Condor! Awesome job and keep it up!

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Ya, I am saving as we speak, these were taken with my Ipad Mini 4, so quality (especially in situations like the WOW) would be exponential eaven if I just had something that could zoom in more than nothing with out looking terrible…

Ya gotta be “wowed” by WOW Im sorry but seriously nice pictures

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Ya, we were hoping it would be right over head like the Condor and a few others, but the wind had shifted so he took the shorter cross runway…

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Loveeeeee the Condor 767

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