It keeps kicking me off the app

After multiple time she trying to change settings on infinite flight I still can’t fly without the app kicking me off and restarting the app now I lost my whole flight device iPad Air 2

Do you have the newest version?

Yes I have new newest version with global

Make sure you have the latest update installed, a stable internet connection. Sometimes a restart of your device and relaunch of the app sorts these things out too.

I’ve restarted the app and my iPad multiple times isn’t my iPad broken

Try resetting your router and deleting the app. Reinstall and relaunch.

I also have a similar problem, saying that: Infinite Flight has problems connecting. I have tried everything from realoding to reinstalling.

Try connecting to a different server and airport if you are certain that you have the latest Infinite Flight update.

Had a similar issue. Go back to previous settings and last complete flight you flew. Give that a go - I’ve a feeling a bug may be the issue as I haven’t had any problems since avoiding the aircraft/livery & Airfield I was having the issue at.

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