It keeps gaining time and more time

Hello right now I am doing a really long flight PACT-OMDB, and My ETE was 12 hours, now my ETE is 12 hours and a half, so I am wondering, Could I run out of fuel because of this, I Have 14 hours left of fuel, and It is going up and up HELP ME PLS

How are the winds looking for you at the moment? (:

is your altitude going down?

As Luke mentioned above, this is most likely due to winds. It seems you are experiencing a headwind which is slowing you down therefore increasing your time. Your fuel should be fine but just in case, I would come up with a plan in case you need to divert

right now, 92 knot head wind,

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Your flight time will increase some with that headwind. Also, as you continue to fly you will become lighter and your fuel remaining time will increase. You’ll make it safely :)


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