It keeps crashing

My phone keeps crashing when I join solo or global and my phone is a Samsung galaxy s8 plus pls help me to fix it

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Hey try to Clear Your Scenery Cache. (Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache > Yes)

That in most cases solves the problem. If that doesn’t work try:

  • Re-installing Infinite Flight completely.
  • Restarting Your Device.

Please inform me if you still having the issue !

“it doesn’t work, fix it” posts are always fun

Hello @OceanaAir,

What graphic settings do you have your phone on for flying within Infinite Flight.

Please take a look at this thread linked below, to see the recommend graphic settings for your device.

Also if you have anti-aliasing off as that sometimes can help to reduce lag.

Also you should try what @George_Anastasis mentioned above as well.


I have everything high and my resolution is HD+

I did it but still have the issue

I don’t have lag only the crashing

Tried deleting and re downloading the app or restarting your device ?!

Please make sure that the only app is open is infinite flight as having other apps in the background can use up your ram and make infinite flight not work !

It work a little bit ok but the loading time


If you are still having trouble we have found that some users were able to back up their phone and reset the phone to factory settings. This is a worse case scenario option for you. The S8 is a good device for IF so I suspect that this may resolve your issue.

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I did it two time before but it did not work but now it’s work a little bit ok but the loading time

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Loading time could be a number of things. The servers are quite busy today and as demand on the servers ramps up and down their may be a slight delay. It sounds like you’ve tried to do some other things but resetting your router could help.

My internet is perfectly fine

Okay but it might not hurt to give it a try. I have pretty solid internet (Gigabit Fios) but I reset mine on a regular basis. Give it a shot ;)

I tried it now it works perfectly fine thank you for helping me guys you are the best

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Happy to assist and hopefully helped. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Christmas

Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you


Happy Holidays 😊

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