It is possible to see inside other plane's cockpits!

I was on live just now, and I tried angling the “Normal” camera to where the cockpit would be, and as the planes are not solid, I found this:

I wonder if you can actually see the instruments move when they should be moving - annoyingly I couldn’t see this as as soon as the plane started moving, the camera left the cockpit!
If anyone else has noticed this, just leave a comment 😀

Im sure everyone knows that by now.


You wouldn’t be able to see the instruments moving cus they don’t move anyway…


Sorry if we had, only just noticed, and this isn’t a duplicate…(I’m surprised no one made a topic on this before)

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They do in the recently reworked/added aircraft

If you cant see your own instruments moving!how do you expect to see others moving?


Um. No? What aircraft for example

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Sorry, I don’t get what you mean.
I think you’re mistaking the instruments in my cockpit for the instruments in the other aircrafts cockpit, I mean the instruments in the 787 (first picture) and 747 (second picture), which are not the instruments in my plane, but the ones in the other plane who’s cockpit I was looking into
Sorry if that still doesn’t explain it.