It is enough fuel, OR IS IT?

Hello, I sometimes use for fuel, but for long haul, I think the fuel is a bit funky, for EGLL-CYVR In a 787 it say I need around 115,000 pounds of fuel, and I think that is not enough, so I was wondering, should I trust it??? Or should I not??? and lets say somebody reply’s with “yes” i would also like to know a recommend cruse attitude, if I should trust it, please tell me!!!

it’ll give you a cruising altitude, fuel, and a flight plan. Just input the data and boom you can copy and paste the flight plan, you can choose if you have 5-90 minutes of extra fuel or auto, even give you the amount of passengers to bring


Ok thank you :)


Yep, it gives you everything a flight needs, apart from a checklist and airport diagrams (most likely not available outside the US)

it says “site can’t be reached”

That says flptoif

it’s btw, Alphadog made a mistake


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