It is almost impossible to fly the A332F

Well, I’ve tried to takeoff from LFTM and everything looked good. When I took off my nose pitched up so much and then, with the same VS it pitched down. It looked like the plane was descending when the VS was almost 3000!!! Then I raised the flaps and the nose pitched down so much… WTH?! so I stopped the flight.
It’s IMPOSSIBLE to fly this thing! The physics are like moon’s physics!
Yes, so some of you will may link the a330 rework in the comments (I’ve already voted).
I’m just saying that it’s unbearable to fly the a332F

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Then don’t fly the A332 until the physics update:), IF knows there are problems with this aircraft so it will maybe come foxes in 19.1 or 19.2

I’d recommend not flying it and stay in grade 3 instead of flying it going down to grade 2

I don’t find any problems myself, took off without any problems

BTW, it was my first flight after months and it kinda destroyed my new interest in IF

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Same with the dash q. It’s all over the place on autopilot and it’s stalled at least thrice. Even when I manually fly it it’s pitch is way more extreme than the instructions I give from the controls.

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If recommend you fly the 787, A320, B737 or 777 because of the problems the A332F and A333 have had

Not sure what the problem is, I fly the plane all the time and have no issues.
Just took off again at 508k lbs and 98% airplane load and it worked like a charm.

Did you rotate too early? Maybe your trim wasn’t set or you were calibrated correctly? Not sure.


No, I’ve followed the book

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Usally rotate at 130kts and don’t go too steep, wait until 170 before starting your climb

It has been said many times there are problems with physics of this family of aircraft, it is a known problem for the devs

This has high priority for them so just wait until the next update

Yeah, I rotated at 140k with the payload I had and it works fine. Not sure what the issue is.

Definitely make sure you’re not trying to climb too steep or fast, have to gain some speed.

I took off at 98% payload. 85% N1. 140kt rotate with a 1900 then 2600/ft VS climb.

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Personally I don’t have problems with this series of aircraft

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I don’t either. Though, they are more “touchy” than the Boeing fleet. In my opinion.

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I’d say all the Boeing planes are easier to steer but harder to land softly

It can still be a decent aircraft to fly – keep the HDG on takeoff and tether the rudder, give it some welly, bring the nose up, enjoy the views and take it down for a retro landing. Keep at it – try it around Korea or take it out of France for a day trip. It’s the retro feel that makes it a tricky beast but satisfying when you nail it.


Also they(Boeing’s) are more less gentle than the airbuses

It’s not impossible it’s down to technique, the aircraft is only usually an issue on final approach when you use full flaps as the plane dives so you have to increase the trim then de trim just before touch down. Keep practicing but takeoff on the A330 is far easier than even the CRJ’s

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Hey Rubine, the developers are aware of the issue and some of the physics will be improved in the next update:


This is something I mentioned earlier

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