It Has to Stop

Recently, I’ve noticed an influx of arguments concerning other VA’s, decisions, even things as little as a poll. This must stop now. For the sake of your dignity and VA, just please calmly and thoughtfully state your opinion, whether that be through a PM or a reply. It is really horrendous to see the continuous bashing of other VA’s in posts, and it makes people look unprofessional.


People can reflect the opinions they want, that’s fine. If it becomes harassment and pointless hating, that’s different.

Although I have not seen the latter in any instance in the community.

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This had to be said. People need to keep in mind that these are Virtual Airlines. They aren’t real. There should be no competition to begin with.

No reason to make a whole new thread for this bud! Just post your comments in any of the links below.


@SkyHighGuys @Noroftheair I’m not talking about cleaning up VA’s, I’m talking about the fights between them.

But it’s all under the umbrella of VAs. I agree, it’s kind of ridiculous, but I don’t think this should be its own topic.

Not only does it make your VA look bad, it makes a bad name for IF.

I never said anything about cleaning up VAs.

There are already multiple threads on this topic, don’t create more duplicates.

We will work on improving the VA environment in the future.