It has been a long time

It was around this time last year I decided to stop playing infinite flight to save money and try to find cheaper alternatives. I have kept in touch with the IF instagram to look at the updates coming in but that’s about it.

I’m thinking of a membership renewal as I now have a job and it can help me take my focus away from exam stress.

If anyone would be kind enough to explain what changes that have been made that I may not know about would be greatly appreciated!


Your name sounds very familiar… I think I might’ve done one of your events one time haha. A LOT has happened this past year. I would recommend looking at the #announcements and look at everything you haven’t read 🙂


A350 are added on IF !

I think you were in my event from Gatwick to Antigua a few years ago.
Will look through the announcements area

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ILS approach has a little for realism and a different interface

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GEAR TILT HAS ARRIVED and it is very amazing

Welcome back!

Here’s a list of new features added:

  • A350-900 added (with live cockpit and geartilt)
  • XCub added (with live cockpit)
  • A320 family live cockpit
  • New A320 liveries; Aegean, VivaAerobus
  • TBM930 live cockpit
  • C172 reowork (Live cockpit)

In development:

  • Clouds are currently in development
  • B777 rework currently in development

Looking forward to seeing you in the IF skies!

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Thanks for the input and help!

And that @A320fan

WHEN WAS THAT!! Gear tilt!!

December 2019 along with better ILS and A350

Woh!! I can’t wait to try that out

Clouds!! Wow!! The sim has really moved on hasn’t it!!

It is in development and should be out soon :)

Wow!! I’m blown away right now

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And considering your name, I think you would be excited about the A320 live cockpit that was added a few months ago ;)

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That’s a definite key thing I’d enjoy


@A320fan… MaxSez; I remember you and your cogent Topics & Comments. Rejoining is a no brainer now that your financially stable.
IF and the Forum continue the march, just step back in you’ll be welcome. Go Pro…
Regards, Max


Thanks for your kind words, I am enjoying rejoining the best community in the world!

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