It happened again!

Hi, I’m a bit angry no… I had a 18h flight from KLAX to FAOR and as I stand in my parking position in FAOR, the game just crashed. Everyone for nothing! So please fix this and I would wish than you can manuell give me my xp and flight time.

And now it happened again after flying for 10hours at the taxiway.

Sry, but that is not ok dear developers. So the game makes no fun. After those thinks I am only very angry and then I don’t want to pay to be angry.

Thx XY_MAGIC | Lufthansa 001

Sorry to hear about this,

Would you be able to provide us with your device information please. Also, your graphics settings.

Hello and sorry for the inconvenience! A crash can be the result of multiple things. Some precautions you should take during a long haul to help avoid crashes are:

•Lowering screen brightness
•Lowering graphics
•Lowering aircraft count

This helps so your device isn’t overwhelming itself. Luckily all your data from the flight is saved.


You’ve previously made a topic along the same lines, flying an ultra long haul flight only to have your app crash. As you’ve mentioned in your previous topic, you had all graphic settings at high, which would place strain on you device for prolonged periods of time. This is not ideal given that it can start running hot and slow which can be easily avoided if you reduce your graphics settings and screen brightness.

As for the lack of XP that you’re experiencing, could you give us a more detailed explanation of what’s happening? Are statistics not being saved or are they not being added up despite being connected to live servers?

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Flight time and XP are added constantly throughout your flight - so you did not lose any statistics.

As for the game crashing, given you had it on high settings for the whole 18 hours - I’m not surprised it crashed.

It’s strongly recommended you turn down your graphics and brightness during cruise.

What device are you using?

Just for reference, according to the last thread, it’s an iPad 2020, not entirely sure which specific model.

This is also the solution from the previous thread:

@XY_MAGIC it was recommended that you turn your graphics down during flight, did you follow any of the advice given to you on your previous thread?

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