It happened again

I was doing a over night YSSY-KLAX and my AP disengaged without any of my input and when I woke up my nose was in the ground and I got a violation. Can someone explain why this keeps happening.

If this is repeatedly happening then clearly something is going on.

Are you packing enough fuel? Is your device in a place where other people in your house can touch it?

Can you provide a replay…

Did you accidentally disengage it prior to leaving your flight?

Where are you storing your device?

Yes I am

No it’s not


Nope I crashed hours after I went to sleep

If you could provide a replay, I can take a look…

How much fuel did you pack? What aircraft were you using?

14 hours 14min. Couldn’t do anymore because that would be over MTW. But I crashed 5 hours away


This is really confusing. I remember when you first had this.

The A350 shouldn’t be doing that, now, you mentioned the amount of fuel which kind of alarming, if Sydney to Los Angles is about 13 hours, you might have not had enough fuel and stalled out. If you had 14 Hours and 14 minutes of fuel, I would recommend about 2 hours extra fuel, even if that means losing cargo and passenger weight.

I’ve viewed the replay and you didn’t run out of fuel - the engines didn’t spool down or anything…

The A/P doesn’t just switch off by itself…. I think someone must have interfered with your device…

I crashed 5 hours away

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Fuel doesn’t seem like it was an issue upon looking at the replay.

Same thing happened here

Could there be someone in your household that could possible be interfering with your flights?

Most likely not as my mom was also sleep and doesn’t really mess with my phone when I have a flight going. Also I’ve you look at the linked topic No one even touch my screen

Could it be that your device is heating up, and the heat might cause unintended “touches” to register on your screen?

I know that I have an issue when my device is plugged in and heated, that whenever I try to touch any buttons they either don’t register or kinda slip (the wrong one gets an input, especially if I’m holding down a button, eg: to change the heading on my autopilot or change the trim value).

Not exactly the same issue as you, but just wondering if it could be related…

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Woah did jt even know it was a thing. But I don’t think it is as I was over water the whole time and. Not much Scenery to load

No, it’s not to do with scenery loading. Sometimes it just heats up, especially if it’s on charge, and sound is on and brightness is moderate-to-full.

I’m just going over possible reasons:

Fuel - fine as the engines didn’t spool down
Altitude - fine because your speed is being maintained just fine
Speed - M0.84 is perfectly fine for the A350
Wind - didn’t seem to dramatically shift based on your GS so that seems fine.

i’m stuck…

The A/P can’t just disconnect like that - someone must be interfering with your device…unless there is a factor I’m missing…

Even then, this shouldn’t be a cause for autopilot turning off. When fuel is exhausted, the autopilot would do anything to maintain its flight course.

Are you using a case for your phone? That can dramatically increase heat retention.

Although it would have to be pretty accurate touches to open the AP tab, and hit the disconnect button…now that I think of it.