It Go Right Float Up, Left Float Slide

Earlier this week I went up for my first seaplane adventure in the same Cessna 206 that’s pictured in this thread. I didn’t really know what to expect since I’d never been in a seaplane before let alone intentionally landed on water, but I was optimistic. This ended up being one of the coolest flying experiences I’ve ever been on. After a few practice touch and goes on the lake, we “parked” in the middle and went for a swim doing jumps and backflips off the floats and wings.

We had a raft in the back of the plane that I wanted to use to float around the lake and get some shots of the seaplane in action. The shots that came out of this were pretty incredible.

Here I am in the raft floating around the lake with nothing but my camera and brother paddling the raft to steer and get those “money shot” angles.

The water is pretty cold around this time of year, but still fun to go for a swim or dive.

Taxing out to get the shots I had in mind.

Coming in head on for the first low pass. Surprisingly there wasn’t much wake at all, got pretty nervous at first that the raft would flip and take my camera with it haha.

This is where the title of the thread comes into play. I’m sure most of you are familiar with Drake’s song Toosie Slide… we’ll here’s the float plane rendition of it!

We beached the 206 on a cove and ate lunch on the beach before heading out for more flying.

I’ve got one more set of photos to share once I finish editing up the set. But for now, enjoy these shots!


those are some cool pics

These are beautiful!

What a coincidence I was listening to that song this morning! Looks like fun

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