It did it again!

I did a short flight into Zurich and the airport was loaded as usual but it glitched out and didn’t load the airport. I reseted my IPad before I did the flight but it didn’t work. I hate it when this happens. Can somebody tell me why it does this whenever it wants to?

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Happened to me recently. After restarting ur ipad try clearing scenery cache…worked for me.

Strange I restarted it before the flight.

When it usually loads when I’m less then 15 nautical miles at the airport it loaded it it glitch out suddenly.


This issue usually occurs when transitioning above or flying downwind of the airport you intend to land on. We hope to have identified the root cause for this together with a fix in 22.7.

Sorry about the inconvenience!


It’s fine, but thanks for the information ✌️

I have encountered the situation where the runway disappears and the landscape disappears. Is that what you described?

Yes it happen when I was on right base of the airport.