It booted me out

Ok, as you guys know, I was flying on the live server merely 30 minutes ago. I took a break to look at the forum, but now, I can’t log in. Has anybody else had this issue, and do you think it’s me , or IF.

I can’t connect right now either.

So I am not the only where it says “loading” when I try to log back in.

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Wait, it’s working on my phone, let me see about my IPad.

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It’s not letting me back in either.

I take that back, I restarted my phone now it’s working.

Just started working for me at the moment! Maybe it’s a small server glitch or something?

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Took me about 10 minutes to get on though. It’s not my WiFi or data issue.

Yup, back in.

Was this all servers or a specific server? Or like the entire game needed a restart?

Entire game, like loaded the loading page, and it said log in


My flight just crashed aswell I had just departed, wonder if this is related?

If it’s an app crash, most likely not. Check the #support FAQ.

Weird. I haven’t been affected at all whatsoever. I’m still in flight online with traffic around me.

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Ahhh seems as if you exited your flight on your device and as you returned it was gone. This happens when a device decides it’s too much and it just logs you out of the flight if I recall correctly. For the future, try to run your flight on your device without exiting the app to avoid this occurance again.