Istanbul to Cairo

Hey Guys
I’m back with another flight for you. This was another short flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Cairo, Egypt. I could have taken Turkish Airlines but I chose EgyptAir because these are not very common.

Flight Information
Boeing 737-800
Training Server
Mach 0.85


Pushing back from IST

Taxiing to Runway 18…look at the amazing terminal building

Holding short of the runway

Bye Istanbul!

Wonderful mountains

Scenic terrain

What a wonderful view from the cockpit

The whole of Cairo airport

Landing on runway 05 C

Lights of the other runway to the right

That’s it for this flight. I took lots of pictures as the situations were so good. Hope you liked the pictures.

Thank you


I like the shots there! The landing one is my favourite

Thank you yes I loved the landing too

that’s great photos i hope the photos can be more stunning in the future

Thank you very much for getting this into my notice I have deleted 2 pictures

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