Istanbul to Atlanta

Turkish Airlines Flight 31
Boeing 777-300ER
Expert Server
Flight Time: 11hrs 37mins

Welcome Aboard


Engine #2 startup

Ready to Taxi to RWY 17L

Flight Attendants, prepare for takeoff RWY 17L

Cleared for Takeoff

Goodbye Istanbul Turkey!

Level off at FL380

Flying over Frankfurt airport Germany

Descent over South Carolina USA

Flight attendants, prepare for landing RWY 27L for Atlanta

On Final RWY 27L


Butter Landing in Atlanta

Crossing RWY 27R

Welcome to Atlanta


Nice photos there! I haven’t flown the 777 in awhile, hope to do so after the rework.

Looked like a great flight. To upload them just add “!” to the start of each photo to appear :)

Per the category rules. Only 10 photos max are permitted. I count 16.