A few days ago i did an overnight 11 hours flight from LTFM to KSEA. This is my first post in this category. Let me know which photo is your favourite!

Server: Expert
Altitude: FL370
Speed: Mach 0.83
Aircraft: B798 (787-9)
Airline: Turkish airlines
Flight time: 11hrs 22mins

  1. At the gate in Istanbul

  2. Taxiing to the Runway

  3. Performing a TERRIBLE Takeoff

  4. Climbing out of Istanbul

  5. Beautiful sunset or sunrise (i dont remember and i changed the time in the replay file)

  6. Flying over greenland. Never did that before. It was pretty cool.

  7. Descening into Seattle

  8. On short final.

  9. Landing. It was pretty smooth tbh.

  10. After 11 hours we are parked at gate in KSEA.

So as it is my first post, i have a question. You are not allowed to post more than 10 photos right? I was gonna post 11 but i remembered that. Can somebody confirm?


great pics!

And yes, it’s in the rules linked here


Thanks! It was a nice flight.
Thanks for informing, i didnt know that!

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