Istanbul --> Porto

ℹLive flight TK 1451 ℹ
Boeing 737-9 (Turkish airlines)

Flight : LTFM🇹🇷(Istanbul) → LPPR🇵🇹(Porto)
🛫Departed🇹🇷 08:26 a.m —> Landed🇵🇹 10:41 a.m
✅Flight time : 04:15
▫️Fl 36, 37 / Mach 0.78
⛽Fuel used : 10.134 kq


Another great screenshot topic by you !
The editing is really good, btw the last shot with TAP A330neo above is my fav, that angle !! :)

Look at this 😂 you really should have seen this moment. it was so real.

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Hey, that hour when I saw your post last 2 hours screenshot at IFC in rules.

It follows in rules of the topic the moderator what did he say “No more than one topic per day.” To expect 24 hours limit is important in IFC #screenshots-and-videos Category. When you leave the future post at IFC very patient within 24 hours.

Please be careful thank you for understanding.

i didn’t know this rule, I’ve learned it now. 🤔👍

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Nice photos you got there! I haven’t flown into Porto for a while, but I think the approach is beautiful!

I have many beautiful photos, but there is a limit to share in a group, I will share them day by day. :)

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Wow! That last shot!

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