Istanbul New Airport problem

We’re looking into the issue. Please stand by! :)


Can you reproduce this issue though and explain what happens?

Ok, I see what’s the problem. As soon as you spawn the airplane kind of fall through the ground but it’s like “hanging” from a thread. This doesn’t seem to be a problem from our side but on IF’s side. There’s nothing the editing team can do, this seems to be more like a terrain rendering issue.

Airport Editor Supervisor.


Yeah, just tried landing there on casual server and ended up crashing as if into a mountain at around 200ft AGL. Cannot spawn either.


I have the same problems


image image

Looks like the boundary is not taking!

Airport clearly has a boundary in database


Also had a minor problem at LTBA (close by) Remote L01-03

Hmm here I am finally at LTFM. Don’t try this at home folks! 😈

I landed on the runway. I instead landed on some mountains under the runway, but I landed on 35R

Hi Daniel. Looks like you don’t have what it takes - lol


My question is why does this happen? Is it boundary issues?

Hey everyone, looks like we found a bug in some of my code :)
I am still investigating it, so right now you may want to avoid this airport.


Hello I could not land LTBA exactly the same way both start not … I have uninstalled the app does not work anyway. Tried everything does not work …Screenshot_20181205-231249

I don’t have any issues with LTBA, what runway did you try to land on?

05 i make a Go around and than 34 L after that I crash… I start the game new after that that was ok… I don’t understand

Sorry if this is off topic but green and blue dots are taxi lights right?

Yes. We add taxiway lights to most airports. They are ready to go when IF switches on the lighting. We wait…

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Hello again,

After investigating, it appears that a bug keeps the app from flattening the terrain where LFTM is.
We will be fixing this for the next scenery update, next month.

In the meantime, I recommend not to try to land at that airport because you will crash into an invisible hill.
Also avoid spawning there as it will make the plane fall through the earth.