Istanbul Broken ILS

Hey everyone, after a long time i renewed my if subscription and have bewn enjoying everything so far. Its amazing that a lot of airports worldwide have been reworked/added so i was really excited to checkout Istanbul but the ILS was still broken. I dont know if this problem/bug only occurs for me but if it isnt i think it should be fixed.


Hey, this is because Earth is actually modeled as a cube on Infinite Flight; those breaks in the ILS that you’re seeing are the edges of the modeled Earth. The ILS should still operate as aligned with the runway, rather than where it shows on the map.


As a cube, you mean.

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That’s what too much math does to you haha

Thanks for the correction


Hello mate,

Developers are aware. It is because the globe in Infinite Flight isn’t in fact a globe when they develop it… it’s a cube.

Due to where LTFM is situated, it is actually on the corner of the cube, therefore the reason for the funky lines.


Thanks for informing mate. Hopefully it can be fixed because it doesnt look very good does it

It’s a very tough issue to fix but the good news is that it’s known. Perhaps in the distant future we can see a fix. For now we have to live with this little “itch”. Sorry about that


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