I just landed my flight and while landing atc kept telling me to contact the tower and I was on the tower then when my flight landed in SFO my plane was turning right when it was straight after All plane said unknown

Did you leave the app while flying? Or did you happen to multi-task while flying?
If you exist the app for a longer period of time then other planes around will appear as Unknown and ATC won’t be able to contact you.

I was flying the whole time

Have you checked if your internet connection is stable?

I never use WiFi while flying

You mean your fly without being connected to the Internet at all or do you use 3G network or something?

I use data to fly. K

Try using WiFi that has a strong connection and see if that helps.

My WiFi is slow. N. K

Close the app and re-open it and see if the issue persists.
Otherwise try restarting your device and/or uninstall + reinstall the app.

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