Issues with violations

Hi! I received a couple of violations a couple of days ago, six to be precise. For some reason, I still seem to be grade one and I should be grade two because I received these violations on Monday and the maximum amount of violations you can have to be grade two is five, but this happened over a day ago and it still says I received six? I’ve already flown around solo once.

Violations go down after seven days, or you can try a flight on casual 😉

But the violations received in one day should go after a day.

If flying on the Casual Server for a few minutes doesn’t resolve it then sign out of Infinite Flight then sign back in.

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A shot of your grade table would be a lot simpler than parsing that…

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nope violations are not set in that manner as to be removed within a day. They are set at which it will be removed after a week so count from the days that you had those violations and after that 7days it will no longer be in the system

That’s not exactly correct.
The grades are based in two things in terms of violations:

1 day
7 days

The violations never drop out of the system even after that, they always remain :)

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oops my bad…kinda got the wrong explanation out

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Still not worked after doing both.

Either you’ve picked up more violations in the last 24 hours or you aren’t meeting the Grade 2 requirements in one of the other categories then. If you provide a screenshot of your grade table like Tim mentioned would be able to better assist you ;)


On it, give me 5 minutes.

Try doing a 10-minute flight on the Casual Server again to see if your Grade Table updates. We have looked into your stats to see the last time you received violations and the 6 showing in the last 24 hours should have cleared by now.