Issues with Transoceanic Flight Planning - Entering Coordinates

Been using for several months to create flight plans - short haul, long haul (including transoceanic). I used the site to cut and paste directly into the IF search box to create the flight plan. For example, I’d enter KATL - FACT for an Atlanta to Cape Town flight, click the Infinite Flight tab to create the flight plan text below to cut and paste into the search box.

KATL APIAN IRQ LASHE NORMS HARAB SACKS DORCE LAMKE GISTS MEGEE CHS PITRW SPIKY LURKS JAINS FLUPS GALVN DUNIG MEGGG VINSO PRCHA KEEKA 2200N0-6500W OPAUL ZABOR 2100N0-6200W 2100N0-6100W 2000N0-6000W 1900N0-5900W 1800N0-5800W 1700N0-5700W 1600N0-5600W 1500N0-5500W BOXIT ASALI BISUK SANVA BUVIN ARUSI EGIMI MOTBU DIKEB OBKUT ORARO NAMBI PUGSA VUKIR REGIS -400S0-2800W BILUX VADAD -800S0-2400W -900S0-2300W -1000S0-2200W -1100S0-2100W -1200S0-2000W -1400S0-1800W -1500S0-1700W -1600S0-1600W -1700S0-1500W -1800S0-1400W -1900S0-1300W -1900S0-1200W -2000S0-1100W -2100S0-1000W -2200S0-800W -2300S0-700W -2400S0-500W -2500S0-300W -2600S0-200W APKID ITGAD OKDOG RIV FACT

For months, every single coordinate would be plotted, now, for the past 48 hours or so, only the non-numerical coordinates show up plotted on my flight plan. So right now, there are huge gaps - i.e. 1890 nm between VADAD and APKID

Is there an issue on the IF side or with the way these are being entered?


Have you tried inputing your coordinates with out the dashes? Infinite Flight only accepts numbers and letters in the flight plan text field. Symbols aren’t accepted other than a slash /.



I’ve noticed that before. You have to change the following in the coordinate before you can insert it into IF. Here is the coordinate that FlightPlanDatabase comes from:


You have to remove the O behind the first coordinate and merge the hyphen into a stroke. It should look like this:


Then you can insert it in IF :)

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