Issues with the Online Server (Please Help)

Hey, I’m flying from Tokyo to Atlanta and I can’t see anyone around me and the scenery is not loading but it shows me that I’m connected to the Live Server and Global Sever. What is happening ???!

Is this issue still occurring or has it fixed itself? Sorry for the long response time

Have you tried to clear scenery cache? If all systems are showing green, that’s quite odd. What server are you on? What device are you using?

No I haven’t cleared the scenery.
Yes it’s still occurring.
I’m on Expert Server

Clear the scenery cache.

Settings>Live>Airplane Count>(I recommend you to use low, to prevent crashes)

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I already had the graphics on low and the airplane count on low

Did Clearing the Scenery Cache in settings do anything?

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Yes I did, but nothing happened

Btw i used APPR to land but I skid off the runway and got a speeding violations :/

What device are you on?
How much free space do you have

I had this bug a while back where if you experienced any connection issues previously in that flight, nothing would load back up after you regain your connection. Not sure if that issue has been fixed or not, I haven’t had it in a long time…

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I have 8GB left and I’m using a Xiaomi Pocophone F1 which is 1.5-2 year old

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