Issues with the grading system

Hello everyone! Im having trouble with my infinite flight, I didn’t play for 2 months (i think), then i went back from grade 3 to grade 1, can you guys fix this issue? Thank you!

This is natural. You need to b active

By the looks you need more landings and hours in the 90day area to grade up.


The reason why your grade has went form grade 3 to grade 1 is due to your landings per 90 days as indicated by the orange 5 under the grade 2 requirements, which indicate you haven’t met this requirement yet. One more landing and you’ll be grade 2.

Landings in 90 days last exactly that, so say you did 5 landings 90 days ago, 5 will disappear from that count tomorrow for example.

Hope this makes sense and helps you out mate!

How can i fix this tho? Ill just have to complete 1 landing so that i can proceed to grade 2 right?

Yes, that is correct. One more landing and you’ll be grade 2, and I believe it is 15 landings in 90 days that you need to reach grade 3, pending you meet all other requirements for grade 3.

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Yes that’s correct you just need to do some touch and goes and some longhauls to get your 90day record up

Thanks guys for helping i really appreciate it :)