Issues with the forum's mobile version (Chrome)

This isn’t an IF problem itself, it’s more related to the forum.
Sometimes, when I leave the forum without closing the page, I’d get weird glitches when I come back to it.
It can be solved by just closing Chrome and opening it again.
Are there any chances of Discourse not being well optimized for mobile platforms?

Samsung Galaxy S5.
Android 5.
Google Chrome’s latest version.

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Doesn’t happen to me & I use chrome.

Is it Android?

Yep I’m on android works fine.

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Likely to be one for @discourse

You may want to take this to Discourse meta (their own forum for stuff like this).


Try buying an iPhone.


How about no lol. It’s not all about Apple you know


I’m using chrome right now because discourse and safari can’t work together…

No issues over here

Only if you pay me every aircraft and region of Infinite Flight for iOS.

Don’t start that. lol

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He’ll have to pay me first every IF region and aircraft.
And an Iphone costs 1000U$D in Argentina.

Also try tipping the servers in MacDonald’s with £20 notes; makes about as much financial sense.


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