Issues with the feature category and trust lvl

Why have I not reached trust lvl yet? Can yall just make it easier for us and make the features category available for all of us? I really want to request features and I can’t bc it is locked bc I am not trust lvl yet even tho I have commented on a few posts and liked a few posts and yet nothing and also why do i need to be a trust lvl when I pay like 50$ a month I am trusting you with my money why can’t you trust me with the features category


Please see linked topic, as it explains our position and reasoning behind trust level requirements:

And please don’t move it to #support, which is a category used for assistance with technical issues with the app. Not for questions related to the forums.


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If we had #features for everyone, we would have way too many duplicate posts, and poorly made requests. You aren’t forced to use the community. You have to be a good community member to get to TL2. And trust me when I say that calling us pathetic is not helping your case :)


Hi I understand your frustration. Trust level is based on activity and contribution toward the forum. There are some things within the forum reserved for those who spend a bit more time contributing in an effort to see more quality requests for example. The forum is a friendly place for those to help others and share their experiences so the more you help the more benefits within the forum you can unlock. 😁

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Well trying to be chill with yall and paying yall 50$ a month dosen’t help my case either

You don’t have to “waste your life on the community.” No one is forcing you to stay. However, trust levels are earned and made to have some structure in the community. In order to keep the structure, the requirements are not given and may be hard. Most I can say is just keep reading, replying, being active in the IFC as long as you want to of course. If you do that, you’ll be there in no time.

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Saying “yall are pathetic” doesn’t do much good. Seb was kind to link you a topic (below) to read through as to why you aren’t of a certain trust level yet. I would suggest reading through that first before progressing with your displeasure. Thanks.