Issues with the Emirates B777 liveries

I’d like to address a significant issue with how the Emirates Boeing 777’s liveries are represented in the sim.

Pictures attached below

Emirates Airlines significantly contributes to the success of The Boeing 777 program, boasting a substantial fleet of 144 active Boeing 777 aircraft, with an additional 48 retired, totaling 192 units. Additionally, with 200 Boeing 777Xs on order, their combined total for the B777 family reaches 392 aircraft! This massive number not only highlights Emirates’ commitment to the B777 program but also surpasses the combined 777 fleets of several other airlines.

Given Emirates’ status as the top operator of the B777, it’s important that the livery is accurately depicted, unfortunately this is not the case, the tail looks very inaccurate on the B777-300ER & very poor on the B777-200F.

The B777-200LR however, looks really good, the flag is a little small on that one, barely noticeable but the shape is perfect. Perhaps you could consider using the B777-200LR’s tail design on the other models as a solution to this issue?

I really hope the Emirates livery gets fixed asap!

Thank You!


…is this a necessary change to make? No one would notice this unless you examined both side by side carefully. The difference is miniscule.


I honestly don’t see what the problem is either


It is indeed very important for an airline like Emirates, they only have a few aircraft types and all of them look very different, some are extremely poor.

Imagine if all the American Airlines or Delta in the sim looked so different, and are made wrong, all aircraft types.

That’s how us Emirates fans feel here. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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It’s the shape & colors. They look very wrong.

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They’re made fine. 99.9% accuracy.

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The shape is like maybe a couple deflections of a degree off. The color is because the IF picture has no light


You will most likely find the same inaccuracies there if you put things under a microscope and start measuring millimeters.

Colouring is one thing that we struggle with in the app. They’re painted correctly but the colours are not represented accurately. There’s massive job going on with that behind the scenes.


Yes! Exactly my point, the US carriers are usually made flawless, they look perfect, whereas Emirates, or not just Emirates, airlines in that region usually have noticeable mistakes in their livery.
It seems like there is less care taken in their making.

I mean, I guess if you want to complain about 99.9 versus 100 then more power to you, but I wouldn’t expect anything lol


Not the colors, it’s the shape of the flag.

Look at that B77W, it’s as if the flag was squeezed in the first picture, and then the B77F on an another level.

Why weren’t they made like the B77L?
For consistent’s sake, why not all variants have the same tail and colors?

I won’t lie, i really like the Airline but I didn’t really notice it and also I couldn’t really care, as long as the livery is there im happy,

Fair play for the spot tho

well don’t we want the game to look realistic? isn’t that we are trying to do?

i agree here, especially the AirFrance 78X livery. it’ll never get updated, like the emirates one. i think this is rigged and should be updated

here is my thing, you can update a airport that is good already, but not a livery?

also, making a team that COULD UPDATE this LIVERY would be helpful

after everything, i’m on @IFflyer side :)

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It’s absolutely game breaking Andrew. Honestly we should shut the entire simulator down until this microscopic issue is fixed. Sitting in the cockpit of the 777, it’s honestly so distracting that I forgot to put on my seatbelt.



all U.S airlines are made perfectly, look at the AA 772, made pErFeCt.

the middle east gets no good treatment

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Thank you! It’s the little details that matter the most. So much inconsistencies in the liveries take away the fun out of it for those who really care.

Emirates Is in such a sad state in the game with every aircraft in it’s fleet varying soo much from the other, and only one type is somewhat close to the real one.

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Yep. I’ve only talked about Emirates because every aircraft In their fleet looks way off.

There are many issues with other airlines in that region.

The Saudia A319 ( which they never operated ). They mistook the A320 for the A319, and therefore added an aircraft that didn’t exist.

The missing Kuwait Airways B77W “KUWAIT” belly Text.

The FlyDubai Tail, which I made a topic about a while ago, I’ll try to find the link for it.

A few issues with some Qatar Airways liveries.

Perhaps it’s the lack of care or rushed work?

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like take a look at the united airlines 738



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See?! Perfection!

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and then they are like “we need to take our time on a plane rework”