Issues with the calibration

Hey, I’ve been having some issues with the calibrate. I usually calibrate before disconnecting the AP. I’ve been doing the same thing these day too but when I calibrate sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve tried calibrate multiple times, it just doesn’t want to. I hope you guys could fix it the next update, Thanks :)

Hi, could you send a screenshot of your sensitivity settings please?

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Could you tell us what is you exact issue? I mean, what degree you calibrate,

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@IF-EGYPT_YT before calibrating, try turning on and off the V/S autopilot. That should do the trick in most cases.

After trying that get back to us with any issues or if it still isn’t working.

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I usually approach airports with AP and I disconnect it when I have visual contact with the runway. When I disconnect the AP, i need to make sure that the elevators are not pointing up or down so I calibrate to set the elevators back in place but it doesn’t come 100% in place. When I disconnect, the aircraft suddenly goes up or goes down.

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Try trimming the aircraft.

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Oh, that’s a brilliant idea, thanks!

I’ll try to do that, thanks!


If you haven’t dropped and damaged your device, try to reset the touchscreen and sensitivity settings.


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It happens to me in my iPad too, I don’t think it’s a divorce issue

Yeah, might need a financial settlement before calibrating a divorce ;)


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