Issues with the A321

I’ve flown the A321 a couple of times in the past week, and each time I flew with a fairly heavily loaded aircraft, the plane always swayed left and right at cruising altitude.

These flights were during harsh winds, but even then, it should not be a problem, right? I’ve never had this issue before, so I’m curious to know if it is a new thing that’s been going on.

Note: Most of these flights were between 70% and 90% heavy with cruise altitudes between FL310 to FL350.

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Hey, I think it’s due to the weight of the aircraft and the altitude you fly at, especially if you copy a flight on flight radar 24 for example crusing altitude of 370 but in the sim the plane starts drifting in mid air 😅, I’d suggests climb to a slightly lower intended altitude then after you have Burnt of some fuel climb higher. I hope this helps 🙂


Maybe 90% at 350 is too high but honestly the other combinations should be fine. I think the A321 just has some old model issues as many things have been reported regarding it. It’s also most efficient at FL280 at every weight which is weird and tells you a lot of what you need to know about the model.


Thanks for your inputs. I’m REALLY hoping the A320 family gets a rework! I love their aircraft.

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Wait, there’s more than one FL280?

Yes…only available in brazil….

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Yeah I may be stupid I meant at every weight

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