Issues with the A321?

Whenever I use (weird I know) the American Airlines A321, I’ll get to around cruising and start to stall out of nowhere & lose all my speed. It might not just be the AA variant, but when I use the BA variant it never happens so idk.

Today, I’m currently flying KCLT-KLAX on expert as “AA214” and right after 10,000 I made my way to a fast speed of Mach .84 (usually I do .78 but I need to go sooner so I was going faster). I left the room as it was climbing through FL310, came back around 30 minutes later, I’m at 21,000ft, my nose is vertical and my power is full, and I’m stalling at IAS of 146.

Another thing it does is that it will start pitching up and down out of nowhere for no indicated reason.

Any explanation for this? Am I doing something wrong? Never have this issue for any other plane.


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Do you have your flaps activated? This happened to me once and it was because I had forgot to retract my flaps

Nope! I take my flaps up at around 4-5,000 feet every time, and they were up

Hey, this is a known issue and should be fixed in a future update. I’ve had this problem also.

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Is it possible you didn’t have anymore fuel?

I had 6 hours of fuel onboard! Fuel was definitely not the issue😅

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Awesome. Glad I’m not the only one. Thank you for informing me!


You can solve this my turning auto altitude off when your near your altitude and just set auto-VS to 0. That’ll fix it.

Perfect. Will keep this in mind for next time!! (Or until they patch it😅) thanks!

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Heya, please also refer to this post by Deercrusher, relating to the A321:

Have a good day!

I have to agree with you there, I fly the BA A321 quite often and I have never had an issue…

I was indeed below 320, I’ll reset defaults next time even though I’ve never changed anything.

And yes! I’ve been flying it quite often, I love the 2-3hr routes from EGLL. Never had an issue with it. Maybe it’s an issue with the ones with sharklets rather than the fences like BA has? We’ll see I guess. Thanks for the help!

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Its an amazing yet complicated aircraft, got some good info to help ya out on here. Good luck.

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