Issues with terrain

So i have this issue with my floor, somehow, it disappeared while taxiing, i dont know why but it does it all the time, no matter what region.


Strange one!


Have you tried restarting your device? Have you tried to reinstall the app? What device are you using as well? :)


Sometimes the runway or the taxiway disappeares due to fog, this also happens to me very casually.

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Its a known issue. It happens at EGLL too

Not just in EGLL, once it happened to me at KSAN,EHAM and KLAX.


I have experienced this in the past as well. Try restarting the application. It may works ;)

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This is a strange one! I have never experienced it.

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Hate to say, but ive deleted it, and download again, still wont work.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, and its one of the first ones on the production line, yes its that old

idk when it was bulit

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It looks like it might be something to do with the rendering distance. It might be because your device is old? Let’s ask @david to be sure ;)

If it’s that device is one of the older generation Samsung, it probably is something to chalk up to ageing technology. What are the terrain and Airplane quality settings at?

I would suspect the phone automatically unloading some scenery to prevent an out of RAM error. That’s the only explanation I can come up with if it’s not on the app end.


A device of that age would work better with lower quality settings.

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Well, hate to throw this at you but i think you haven’t found the needle in the haystack…image

I have this problem too on my tablet,it happens to nelly every airport I go…

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Yes terrain is defective it sucks ,every time I hit the ground too hard I crash. 😂🤡🤔😂😂😂, absolutely just kidding guys

Seriously the only problem I have, is with the drift bug. I can flies like 20 minutes then you gotta crash, so you respawn, and keep your flight plans. Kind of a sucky way to refresh

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