Issues with taxing and going into sudden nosedive

I dont know if anyone else is having this issue…but for the last few days everytime i try to start a flight either there is issues on the ground where the graphics go mad and shows i am in a nose dive, or while taxing the same happens, has anyone else had the same issue? Anyway to fix it?

Go to Settings->General->Clear Scenery Cache. This should fix the problem, if not you can do a reinstall. (Don’t worry, all your aircraft will not be lost)


Hi there,this should be in the #support category,thank you.

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Hey there!
This is a reoccurring in the community due to issues of your scenery being “corrupt”. All you have to do is restart the app, if that does not work clear the scenery by going to setting then general as listed above. If that does not still work uninstall and install the app again. If this keeps happening over and over again it might be a problem with your device. Anyways, happy flying and I hope it could help!


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Once I was flying E190 and the wifi went away and this happens so it might be that.