Issues with starting engines

Hello, I was flying in the expert server today. I was spawned in at KSFO in a United a320. When I tried to start the engines, they never started. I clicked the engine button but it never worked. Could somebody help me please?


Do you have a screenshot of your engine settings? Was your APU on before starting?


Hey @WindyCityProdz!

I suspect @skye is right by suggesting you make sure your APU is on. To turn on your APU go on the right to systems>electrical>APU (APU start will turn APU on)>Engines (and then you can turn your engines on). Keep in mind you can always start everything by pressing auto start in systems>misc.

Below I have linked the user guide page for pushback and engine start which should give you a more in-depth idea of what actions to perform. If you have any more issues I suggest you read the user guide to solve the problem. If you cannot solve the issue with the user guide, you should create a topic for help!

Happy flying!

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The apu was on

did you select APU start to turn it on or did you just select APU on? Also, was the main battery on?

I just figured out why. I set APU to on instead of start. Thanks for the help