Issues with STARs

I have a question about about how I’m supposed to use the Approach part of the STAR when the airport waypoint mixes up the flight plan. I’m using KSEA (Seattle Tacoma) as an example.

When I add a STAR to my flight plan, it adds the Airport ICAO to the flight plan too.

Then when I try to add an Arrival, the flight plan looks like how it does above. The red line is the way the autopilot will direct my aircraft.

When I tried to remove the KSEA Waypoint, it removed the STAR all together. Is there any way to stop this from happening?

Sorry for my terrible drawing skills btw.

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It’s a known issue. For now you can stick with STAR’s that end nearest to the beginning of the glidescope so that you can add an Approach after.

Also look for STAR’s that already have a line going to the airport, so you can avoid them if you don’t want it to end at the destination airport.

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I know, I know… @anon41771314 is very annoying indeed.

Jokes aside, I’m also having problems with this. I would like to see how to do this and if there is a feasible solution to this problem 👀


I also have this problem, I hope it will be resolved! However this should be in #support

I haven’t moved it for him even though I have access to as I think that it’s fine where it is right now.

It’s not a glitch or problem with the app itself, so it doesn’t fit the support criteria

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Indeed! Anyway, back on track.

It seems like @Lufthansa2 has ever so kindly found a solution for us.

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It’s a temporary solution (hopefully temporary) :P

At least it’s what I do to avoid them for now lol

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Mmh shouldn’t as SIDs & STARs are also in solo mode

Read the guidelines of each category mate ;)

More information of where topics should be can be found there.

Well, how am I supposed to use that STAR if it doesn’t work properly.

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Already done

I would just look for transitions and different STAR’s that offer endings early.

An example can be in PHL (where I am flying to right now). Here you can find two STAR’s, BUNTS2 and BOJID2 arrivals.

Screenshot (311)
As you can see here, both of these STAR’s use multiple waypoints alike. However, in IF, in the BOJID2 arrival, the last waypoint is the airport ICAO while in the BUNTS2 arrival it is MXE (VOR). I don’t have screenshots as I am doing a flight right now, but some STAR’s share the exact same waypoints but have different endings and transitions at the end. Again, this is not for all airports. As it is a known issue, just try your best in choosing a STAR that doesn’t end at the airport for now until it is resolved. ;)

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Sorry if you can’t see them that well, I have links below if you want to look closely for yourself.

Alot of the issues you “see” in IF are all about the IRL STARs (and SIDs). Quite often STARs like that will direct you to the airport and on the actual chart itself (using the OP example) the CHINS4 STAR says turn 250° at AUBRN for vectors to final.


My way of dealing with this is to delete the KSEA from the STAR once approach has approved my FPL and add the ILS for the expected runway.

In a similar fashion STARs and SIDs in IF sometimes have conflicting altitudes sending you to 8000, back up to 9000 and then down to 6000 (RIVET3 for YSSY is a classic example). When you look at the actual chart you realise that it means above 8000, below 9000, above 6000.


I’d recommend researching the SIDs and STARs you plan to fly so you know the special quirks each of them require :-)


You should delete the offending waypoint AFTER being cleared for STAR by ATC.

Also, if you are going for ILS, you don’t have to add it to the FPL. Only add it if you are gonna do RNAV

But after it doesn’t show up as a star on the Fpl, so there’s a possibility of VNAV being confused

VNAV does not care if it is considered a STAR or not. It only cares about waypoint altitude. Only ATC cares about the STAR designation

Oh yeah this problem is the worst when that happens just request vectors and/or a visual approach

He needs to file his PIREPs.

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