Issues with standing on IF live

lately when i play IF live and log in my hours and landings go down. Each time i log which by the way is about every 2 to 3 days i have 1 less hour and 5 to 10 less landings. Is this a bug or is there some feature i dont know about?
thanks in advance

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Hi @Oscar_Santos

Firstly welcome to the community! Just wanna clarify you’re not referring to the flight time & landings within the 90 day period ?


Most likely

@Oscar_Santos, if those are the landings and flight hours counted within the last 90 days, the landings and flight hours calculated within those 90 days will be shown instead


This is why i dont understand the issue. I have been logging in every day so its not past the 90 day period and it still removes them.

even if you log in every day, the 90 day average will change as it is on a rolling average. If the Total Time changes then there could be an issue! Suggest that you take a screen shot today and also one tomorrow and post the results after comparing them.

Think of it this way, some of the stats are for the window of time.

Day 90 - today - 3 landings.
Day 89 - yesterday…
Day 1 - 3 landings.

Come tomorrow the three landings on day one will fall off your record because it it outside the window of time.

I suggest above and provide a screenshot of what you are looking at so we know for sure.

Ok I understand it now at first I thought they stayed and only changed if you didn’t use it for over 90 days. Thank you so much everyone for clearing that up.

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