Issues with Scenery*Solved, thanks*

I was flying over Australia and the scenery looked very bad, usually it’s fine and even looks great from 35,000 feet but now it’s very pixelated and I got an error in the top right and under global it was red, I’ll post a picture below, is this just my terrible internet or is it an issue with the server?

image unfortunately I do not have any scenery pictures but you can imagine 144p type scenery from 35,000 feet.

reset ur cache

Having the same issues. I don’t know if this is correct, but it could be linked to the navigation and scenery updated pushed today??? Probably is just a server issue.

I did that, nothing seemed to happen

Could just be a thing with the IF servers and not you, seeing as other people also have the issue

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Ya that’s what I’m thinking, thanks m8

Can I ask what airport (ICAO)

YAYE Ayers Rock

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It could also be because of your storage on your device! How much storage do you have right now?

10 GB remaining

Ok got it! Then your fine