Issues with runway flight plan

Hi, First of all just want to say I am thrilled to finally be flying global! and from my hometown to many locations across Canada!
Awesome graphics, etc. However there is one problem, it’s a big one to me because I am the one flying haha. but when doing a flight plan, it won’t allow me to click on the runway number so I can add it to the flight plan so I can land… I crashed earlier because I couldn’t line up with a runway :(
Is there anyway to fix this… can it be fixed and how long?
Thank you! :)

I believe Not all runway numbers are waypoints, only on larger airports.

I know… but the ones that are… it won’t let me :/

If there is a waypoint on the runway you add it just like you used to. If not check out how to fly a ILS approach in tutorials. You shouldn’t need that waypoint to line up with the runway properly.


they are way points… it still didn’t let me and I prefer not to use ILS… I like the way I did it on the old infinite flight…

Click on the waypoint and click the + symbol

I did that… it wouldn’t let me… all other way points I can click on but it wont let me on runway way points… I know how to use way points… I know how to fly… I done all this before. I just want to properly line up with a runway again with our using ILS. and just use the simple runway way point. when I click on way points it only gives me info, but not let me click the + to add it

Then use your eyes to line up with the runway. What airport are you trying this at?

I do use my eyes!!! and it was all sorts of airports… KLAX, YQI, YYT,KSAN,KONT, YKA

Just did it all around KSFO no issues at all.3AA44CDF-A611-462C-8595-358D815B4933

well it is on mine!.. :(

Try restarting your device if that doesn’t work start with a fresh download.

Ok I will try that :)

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