Issues with pilots dropping out

I have noticed the passed few days I’ll see players leave and re appear in the same location flying or not, their name disappears from my column of aircraft tuned in and then all the sudden appear again, issue is really annoying when they are on final and disappear, then as I’m sending traffic either to cross or takeoff they reappear? I have never had issues with my iPad crashing/lagging/ or anything it runs great?

Wrong category…

How is it a wrong category? This is general, what difference does it make

Well I would’ve put it under “Bugs”. Just trying to keep things organized :smile:

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Id have to agree with Sean. This post should be in bugs.

Ah well this is my first post in this forum and I’m only a few hours old for it, so my bad, also didn’t know if it’s a bug or just my app…

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I have had this issue too. It appears the pilot logged off, and goes Orange on the menu. Then, suddenly, is right where they would have been had they never left and kept flying. Maybe it is a temporary loss of my connection or theirs, but it is a lesson not to rule someone as truly being gone for 2 minutes or so.

Still happening, not as much though