Issues With NOT Having The Update

Attention All Infinite Flight Users.

It has come to my attention as ATC that because of the updated layouts, some planes may appear to taxi through grass or Spawn on runways.

This makes controlling very difficult and for Android users please understand that if we give you commands which seem bissare such as “Do Not Taxi Through Grass” please understand that the person giving the command is seeing that, whereas on you’re screen your On a Taxiway.

DO NOT take instructions negatively just understand that because not everyone has the update we don’t have/see the same things.

For more information please contact @Tyler_Shelton


Only the impatient people cut the hold short lines and cause crashes

Not sure how that’s possible. Did they have connection issues and popped to the middle of the runway after receiving clearance for takeoff?

@Rotate He’s is an example of what I’m dealing with as well. If I can’t post photos please let me know and I will remove. Sorry In advance

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That’s why every update I’m smart. I never go on live until I get the update :)

Couldn’t they just wait until Apple approve the iOS update, and then put it on the Play store at the same time as that so everyone gets it at once? I can only presume there’s something blatantly obvious I’m missing as to why they don’t do that lol

That’s what I mean. Once the iOS one is approved and on the App Store for updating, release the android instead of us iOS users waiting a couple of days for an A320.

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Looks like I will stay away from KSMO for a couple of days, at least…

Could some one compile a list of airports having similar not-yet-updated problems so that iOS pilots like me could choose to stay away from those airports until the iOS update’s out?