Issues with my phone

In fact i don’t know to which category put this topic, redact me if i am wrong

I have 6 gb Ram on my phone, Xiaomi mi 9 2019, but i can’t understand, where is all RAM, why so few is free, it’s if started IF, IFoperatioms, and IFAssistant, and only if in main menu,

if i am in flight in airport with 3D and traffic i have only 400-500 mb free memory and all starting ultra lagging with 7-8 fps,

on my previous phone, mi 9 LITE i have much more memory free (with same 6 gb RAM), near 2-3 gb stable, and in the game was near 1.9-1.5 free
Also if no apps is open i have only 1.9-1.8 gb free, what can it be, how can i slovr this problem?

Does it actually affect the gameplay though?
I could also imagine that a smaller application would also stress your device less, at least this is the case for me. After clearing the scenery cache and deleting unnecessary game data, and hence reducing the size of the application, my game got a lot smoother. Maybe you should also try that, even though I am not certain if this would affect your RAM

Does it actually affect the gameplay though?

As i said, i have low fps on very powerful phone, 20-25 in air, and 7-10 in busy airport with 3D buildings (like EKCH yesterday)

I cleared scenery cash four days ago, and also, you said you deleted unnecessary game data, how to do that?

Especially via deleting replays and reinstalling the app since the livery data is removed

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