Issues with my iPad (fixed)

So I was super excited about this update so I bought the new plane and it’s awesome but my app keeps crashing eventually I was able to finish my flight but when I was about to exit my game crashed what should I do
Device iPad mini 2
Version current version


Try lowering the quality in the settings as this can cause the game to crash. If nothing changes then reinstall the app

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I already have… I’m just wondering if I need a new device

Your device seems to be very old for running Infinite Flight on, Due to this your device may be unable to keep up with the graphical advancements the last update has created. Perhaps try turning down dome of your graphical settings and turing off anti aliasing goes a long way in terms of increasing stability.


You dont need a new device it’s pretty new anyway, try lowering the settings. Do you know how to do that?

Yah I did I also tried getting rid of extra storage on my iPad I think it’s time for an upgrade

May I suggest the iPad Pro 9.7inch which is amazing for infinite flight


I would get it but at this rate I might just have to quit flying because of my stupid budget

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I have an iPad mini 2 too, but on mine IF works perfectly, maybe your problem is caused because you have many apps running or low internet connection! :)
Sorry for bad English

That is a good point. Be sure to delete apps running in the background.

your English is great btw


Sorry to hear man, again, try installing and reinstalling, turning off the iPad, then on, if not contact support :)

Don’t clear up space as it’s a iPad not a computer so it won’t cause things to crash. Trust me I know I only have 100mb left on my iPad and it’s been like that for a year and I have no problems

I use an iPad Mini 2 to use Infinite Flight too, but I don’t have any issues even if I have all graphics settings set to maximum. Try restarting your iPad every day and see if it works better. :)

Okay thanks! :)

Everyone it works now thanks for the help and support


No worries! Make sure to mark the post that helped you the most as solution. :)

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