Issues with memory warning on iOS

I kwon this could be a not very important issue but, it happends a lot and usually disturbs me while playing, the thing is, I just bought the IF game on IOS and when I play on live the game warns me the the memory of my device is low, and it is not low, I have exactly 21,16g of memory in my device, off course thats not a problem, the really problem I have it’s that whe the warn turn on, my device close the app and I have to restart the app (not the flight in some ocations) and if I don’t have to restart the flight, it happeds that the A/P gets off and the plane goes down. I play on an Ipad with IOS 10.3.1. I hope this can be solved. Thank you.


It used to do that to me but it started to appear less and less and can depend on device age. Hope this helps.👍


thank you for your time, very appreciated.


Storage is different from memory. What iPad do you operate? I used to use a iPhone 5s and would get the same message but it would be because the RAM was almost full not because I did not have enough storage. Live uses a large amount of RAM if you are on a crowded region like SoCal on TS1. This is because RAM is being used for to display others aircrafts. Have you tried lowering the number of aircraft displayed? Doing so would help prevent a crash on Live, which is what sounds like your problem is.


I use an Ipad Air, thank you for your answer and time, I will reduce the airplane count.
again, thanks.


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