Issues with long haul flights - Android

Has anyone using android experienced the app just crashing AMD the phone just reboots by itself?

Because I am trying to do long hauls using the A350, and every time I attempt one, either the phone overheats, resulting it being hotter than the surface of the sun, or the app just straight up crashing.

I am using a samsung Galaxy s10+ (until I receive my tablet back which is in for repairs) with everything on medium settings.

Not sure this helps, but the only apps that are running g whilst I am flying is a screen recorder, but I usually close all my apps before a long haul.

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Try lowering the graphics Quality and lower the brightness off the screen.Also clear RAM before doing Long hauls

If I’m not mistaken, S10 (exynos models) is known to have problems because of some samsung wizardy

You are correct.

So far, based on my own experience, the data me and others collected, some research we’ve done with @Kirito_77 and reports in the #support category suggests that Samsung devices that have the Mali-G76 GPU are having this issue since the Android 10 update.

Beta testers have reported this as well and it is very likely, though not officially confirmed, that this issue has been looked into.

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That may be the reason why it’s crashing. What is the average flight time when the app crashes?

The Exynos 9820 and SD 855 are powerful chipsets, one of the best in the industry. However using screen recording could add way too much load, increasing heat. Have you tried not screen recording during the fight? There is a replay function after all.

Could you also state what chipset you are using on your S10+?


Unfortunately crashes happen without anything else running in the background. I can confirm that. I have the exynos variant Note 10+ with the Mali-G76 GPU.

The issue has to do something with the GPU and changes that were made/implemented with Android 10. This issue is not related to Infinite Flight at all.

MALI-G76 performance issue since the Android 10 update:

Depending on the duration of the flight, there must be lots of load on the storage because of the screen recorder, thus heating up the phone and thermally throttling it which eventually results in a crash

The average crash time us between 4-5 in a long haul. To give you an example, i was flying between EGCC and OTHH, and the game crashed over Istanbul (around 4 hours in)

I am using the Exynos 9820 variant.

What i find very strange, is that since the android 10 update, I managed to do quite a few long hauls, with screen recorder on,

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Since your S10+ has the 9820 SOC, and with the current issues with the Mali-G76 GPU, I suggest not using screen recorders when in cruise for the time being. This may help by lowering the load on the SOCs, lowering the chances of a crash.

You can also do the following to lower the load on your SOC during cruise:

  • All graphics to low
  • SFX off
  • Night time
  • Set your camera view to the cockpit, and point it at a dark spot of the cockpit
  • Use the game launcher tools, and select “Screen touch lock”
  • Lowest brightness
  • Keep your phone cool, like putting it in front of an electric fan (as long as possible) or an air conditioning unit (for like a minute only tho)

Hope these help!


I don’t do long hauls personally and had this issue a couple of times, twice without even leaving the ground.

I don’t think the issue is similar to the iOS crashes. I’ve experienced it during short, 30 min handflying sessions; minutes after spawning while being still on the ground, during local and radar training, etc, but also been able to fly similar flights without any issues. I have absolutely no idea what’s the cause but so far I have not been able to find a way to constantly reproduce the crash. Your suggestions though really helpful to reduce the load on the SOC and also to reduce heating issues during long hauls!


Also, try lowering the aircraft count when in an airport with high traffic. Like low or medium :D @The_Wolf @AZ001


I have the same problem and The same cellphone

Sorry if this is slightly off topic. Is this issue just with the S10? I have the S9+ and there is an update that is pending on it that I’m yet to install, at the moment I don’t have any problems doing long and ultra long haul flights.
Just so you know I haven’t got a clue when it comes to the inners of my S9 😅

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That’s strange. I’ve never had any long haul crashes before with my device. Maybe turn down the graphics levels, turn of anti aliasing as well maybe if you haven’t already.

@JerseyAnt I use the S9 and I haven’t encountered any issue whilst flying using this device including long haul flights. I’m running on the latest Android version which is 10 and latest patch which is May for this phone at the moment. No issue like this have been reported to affect the S9.

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Cool thanks. I’ll update it later then.

I mean although @FlyingTarsier is correct, I have an S9 and the tip I can give you is to turn your graphics to low, look upwards to the sky and clear cache. You can also lower online plane count and use one of Samsung gaming tools, which is lock screen and makes the screen completely off for the time being. It basically allows for no screen burn at all and so that your phone isn’t on all the time, while your flight is still ongoing in the background.

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